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Commercial Services

Cutting-edge security and monitoring system to help you protect your residential and commercial properties.

Our Services

We proudly offer a wide range of security solutions for your business, including:

Security Solutions to Match
Your Businesses Needs


Whether you own a small or a large business, ACK Alarm Company is your one-stop-shop for everything, and anything related to business security. Our solutions are tailor-made to fulfill your company’s requirements.

Fire Alarms to Keep
Your Business Protected


ACK Alarm Company offers business owners top-of-the-line fire alarm equipment, allowing you to surveil from a centralized location. You only need a few mouse clicks to ensure your business remains protected.

Security Cameras
24/7 Monitoring


With ACK Alarm Company, 24/7 monitoring service allows you to see and hear everything that matters. Our security cameras offer round-the-clock monitoring capabilities and are intelligently designed to spot threats before they happen.

Access Control Systems


ACK Alarm Company specializes in a wide range of access control systems. Our market-leading access control solutions protect your business from unauthorized entry with an added benefit of a mobile app to monitor and control access with a single screen tap.

Fire Detection Systems You Can Rely On

ACK Alarm Company brings years of expertise and experience to the design and installation of our fire detection and alarm systems. Founded upon a strong heritage, we consistently collaborate with our clients and industry leaders to ensure our fire detection and alarm system offers great value for money.